Rockin' Fall Fashion

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Dream Girl

Black lace is always elegant but it looks new with a statement bag and fantasy ankle boots. Dress by Malene Birger, $495; suede and ruffle ankle boots by Nicholas Atwood, $995; runway purse by Prada, $2,280; silver wire wrap cuff, $185; sterling cuff with brass detail, $915; silver earrings, $85. All from Joseph.


From L to R: A very special thank you to the wonderful staff of New School Media and our model. Ryan Watt, Brian Wurzburg, B.B. Cunningham, Raleigh, Adam Woodard, Sean T. Faust, Brad Ellis, Doug Easley (co decorator)

Special Thank you

Sean T. Faust of New School Media

Kendrick Simpson, makeup artist

Mary McNair, hair stylist

Alyx Ray, hair and production assistant

Raleigh of Elán Creative Services

Channing Shaw of Elán Creative Services

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Sep 27, 2012 05:34 pm
 Posted by  Anonymous

Gorgeous model, sexy hair and beautiful makeup!

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