Simon Peplow

Illustrator Simon Peplow lives within a delicately constructed vortex. He spends the majority of his days downloading information from a tiny cabin situated inside the corpus callosum region of his noggin. Characters are a fundamental part of his work, described by some as whimsical, cute, and sinister in equal measures. He just wishes they were his friends. Simon is the co-founder of The Outcrowd Collective, who together have exhibited work in London, Barcelona, and Hong Kong. When Simon isn't busy tripping out, he finds time to illustrate for a bunch of clients including Carhartt, Suburban Bliss, SOYJOY, the Capsule/Supersonic festival, Modart, Stranger, Anorak, The Illustrated Ape, Plan B, The Artists Guide, and Lodown magazine. Simon's work will also be included in American Illustration 27 next year.

John Branston

John Branston is a weekly columnist/reporter for the Memphis Flyer and the author of the book Rowdy Memphis. His Fine Print column appears in Memphis each month. "Financial disclosure is a wonderful thing. It's one of the things that keeps companies and executives honest and accountable to investors and the public. But it doesn't mean much if nobody sees it except the lawyers and bookkeepers who put together the reports," he explains.

Leonard Gill

Leonard Gill is a Memphian born and bred, and before returning to his hometown in 1984, he learned about the publishing trade as an editor for a subsidiary of Harper & Row in Boston. He is a copy editor and book reviewer for the Memphis Flyer, and as a monthly columnist for Memphis, he focuses on fiction and nonfiction of local or regional interest. He also serves as a judge for Memphis' annual fiction competition.

Bianca Phillips

As entertainment editor for Memphis, Bianca Phillips decides which local events are worthy of readers' attention. She also compiles comprehensive entertainment listings for the Memphis Flyer. As a staff writer for the Flyer, Phillips covers environmental issues, the police beat, and other noteworthy local events. Each month, her spotlight on local attractions and restaurants appears in the Northwest Airlines World Traveler.

Bruce VanWyngarden

Bruce VanWyngarden was born in a small town a very long time ago. He has an affinity for empty calories, full beers, and half-assed adventures. His car is muddy most of the time and he hopes you don't have a problem with that, buddy, because if you do, well, that's just too damn bad. He edits the Memphis Flyer in his spare time, and is married to Tatine Darker, who took him to Helena and back. No animals were harmed in the making of this story. Except for that one stupid toad who hopped right in front of us.

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