Join Memphis magazine as we take it easy on the breezy beaches of Barbados, take the trip of a lifetime to the mountains, jungles, and Inca ruins of Peru, and enjoy a glorious getaway to the cool mountain air of the Berkshires.

Plus the lowdown on concrete flooring, what's happening in Binghampton, the Mayor vs. Manager debate, a look at downtown dentistry, Q&A with Debbie Branan of the Mid-South Fair, a visit to Sauces, wines to beat the heat, the 2007 Private School Guide, and lots more!

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September 2007

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In This Issue


The Luck of the Draw

For a trio in Tunica, making a killing is all in the cards.

Hatching a Nest Egg

Lawmakers consider a tax freeze for homeowners. But there are just a few catches.

La Cote de Porc Avesnoise

La Tourelle has closed its doors, but not before chef Mike Northern passed along one of the legendary restaurant's signature dishes.

Second to None

Looking for a little manic melancholy? Harlan T. Bobo's your man.
Bobo's slowed-down, space-age honky-tonk (with hints of Beatlesque pop) provides a sturdy backdrop for a stirring, funny, self-possessed collection of songs.

By the Numbers

This Little Light of Mine

How one neighborhood can become a beacon of hope to others.

Q&A: Debbie Branan

High School vs. College Football

Poured and Scored

Looking for a durable floor? Stained concrete can be hard to beat--and beautiful, too.

Peruvian Paradise

Mountains, jungle, and Inca ruins add up to the trip of a lifetime.

Mayor vs. Manager

Cities across the country have adopted manager-council governments. Maybe it's time Memphis does the same.

September 2007 Backtalk

Letters to the Editor


Editor's Letter

It's a Snap

Yarn, scissors, vinyl: Friends kint a unique niche in the pet-apparel market.

Taster's Choice

Looking for a little variety when it comes to your next meal? Sauces has you covered.

Staff Pick: Found

Found I & II: The best lost, tossed, and forgotten items from around the world. (Fireside) By Davy Rothbart

Fam-Leave Values

New dads need time off too.

Bring on the Heat

Paso Robles' high temperatures yield great wines.
It's difficult to believe this sleepy, virtually unknown wine region has been producing wine for a quarter century


An unlikely angler finds a land of opportunity just across the bridge.

The Berkshires Beckon

Verdant vistas and cultural kicks make for a glorious getaway.

Latitude Adjustment

Takin' it easy in breezy Barbados.
Barbados isn't just a place, it's a lifestyle, and a laid-back one at that.

Up to Snuff

Ask Vance
Our trivia expert solves local mysteries what, when, where, why, and why not.

Extra Smiles on Main Street

A new downtown business combines dentistry with the comforts of a spa.
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