Pick Us Up in Southaven, Mississippi

New pick-up locations in north Mississippi

If you live in Southaven, Mississippi, you can pick us up more easily now. We're broadening our print reach to serve even more parents like you in the Mid-South. So be sure to pick us up at one of these 11 locations.

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Allergy & Asthma Care • 7676 Airways

DeSoto Athletic Club • 3146 E. Goodman Road

DeSoto Cinema 16 • 7130 Malco Boulevard

Getwell United Methodist Church • 7875 Getwell Road

Kroger #404 • 465 Stateline Road

Kroger #451 • 3095 Goodman Road

Simple Strokes Therapy Consultants • 83 Airways Place

South Baptist Educational Center • 7400 Getwell Road

St. Timothy's Epsicopal Church • 8245 Goodman Road

The Sensory Shop • 5627 Getwell Road

Young & Associates Family Counseling • 230 E. Goodman Road, Bld. 3, #102


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