Cool Oasis

A home boldly different from its neighbors is tucked away in Central Gardens.

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A set of 12 lithographs frames the bed in the newly updated master bedroom.

Cooley is clearly a man with good taste in all facets of his life. He is a well-regarded general and cosmetic dentist known for creating many beautiful smiles all around the Memphis area. In this context, he gave me the background story of how he came to name his beloved little Yorkie — who, by the way, is definitely the lady of the house. It seems he once worked in his practice with a lovely and accomplished pre-dental-school intern named Lale Adams. Enchanted with the name, he decided to appropriate it for his dog. It so happens that Lale (the human, not the canine) is a family friend of mine, so I don’t believe she would mind me recounting the provenance of the pooch’s name.

When the subject of vacations came up, here again Cooley and I had something in common. He told me that when he can get away, he likes to rent a little cottage in Provincetown, Massachusetts, in the summer. The weathered, shingled charm of old Cape Cod architecture is certainly a far cry from his über-modern home, and makes a nice change. And of course the cool Cape breezes offer a welcome respite from the Memphis heat. I told him that my family spends its summers on Cape Cod as well, and that we always make an annual trek to Provincetown to soak up the special ambiance of the place.

So the question becomes, “What’s next for Chris Cooley?”  Will he exchange his current in-town oasis for a place in the country — a log cabin perhaps — or a bona fide Italian villa? I can’t begin to predict the future, but know for sure that we will all stay tuned. 

A stone terrace beckons visitors to a refreshing pool, making the Cooley home a true oasis in Central Gardens

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