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October 2009

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In This Issue

By The Numbers

Genius Loci

Memphis: That's the spirit!

Color Wheels

Mitch Omar turns hogs into works of art - and we're not talking about pigs.

Home at Last

Drug abuse and mental illness plague many of Memphis' homeless. Here's how two individuals made the hard journey to a fresh start.

Glowing in Popularity

Even in the South, families are gathering around outdoor fireplaces.

London Calling

Memphis musician Charlie Wood on the UK, new records, and whether you can come home again.

Fashion Hungry

photos by Sean Bloemer - styling by Alicia George

How Sweet It Is

Chocolate and wine: double vice, double nice.

Simmons vs. Simmons

European Fixation

Hearty, comfort-based cuisine from all over Europe finds a home in the East.

Jack Ruby

High Marx

Let's give credit where credit is due.

Q & A: Morgan Jon Fox

Hit or Miss

When it comes to sports reports, are we getting played?

Rash Decision

Getting vaccinated for shingles can ward off a lot of pain.

Out of Cynic

Instead of complaining about the worst, why don't we hope for the better?

Elfo's Special

Decades ago, Elfo Grisanti created this simple, satisfying entree. Still a number-one seller at Elfo's restaurant - run by Elfo's grandson, Alex Grisanti - the dish is easy on the purse, the pantry, and the palate.
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