October 2008

In This Issue

Donkeys vs. Elephants

The Return of a Classic

Just for Lunch brings fond memories (and those great quiches) back to the table.

Editor's Letter

You make the call.

By the Numbers


Every day the chainshaws are grinding. When do we say enough?



You may not see the damage, but traumatic brain injuries are leaving cruel marks on veterans from Iraq and Afghanistan. What can be done to help them recover?

A Jones for Indie

See tomorrow's filmmaking stars at the Indie Memphis Film Festival.

Brioche Bread Pudding

Creamy and custardy, this concoction comes from River Oaks Chef Ben Vaughn.

Taming your Tannins

A step-by-step guide to decanting.


Glass with class.

The Audacity of Hope?

More than Hope grants, the city itself needs real hope, with a plan to match.


Royalty, Still Rocking

B.B. King brings his signature, simple blues style back on his latest album"One Kind Favor."

Carl Edwards

Q&A with Carl Edwards, one of the brightest stars in NASCAR.


Fall into Fashion

Auto Trader

Taking stock of "rolling" stock.

For the Birds

Photographer Murray Riss takes aim at the Mississippi flyway.

Avant-Garde Party

Halloween House

One Memphis couple really gets a kick out of trick-or-treating.

Riverside Revision?

Our trivia expert solves local mysteries of who, what, when, where, why, and why not.

Fear Not

With "conscious sedation" dental-phobic patients can smile again.