October 2007 Backtalk

Editor's Note:

We can't figure out our pen pal Pete. While we do enjoy his emails — some nice, some critical — there are some we simply can't decipher. The letter below is a response to last month's editor's letter, "Misguided," where we poked fun at ourselves for accidentally leaving out award-winning filmmaker Craig Brewer from our Who's Who list. Keep writing Pete, we'll figure out your unique writing style soon, we hope.

Miss Fired. Trump would but I hope not. You guys are a hoot. Excluding the current king-Brewer (too much LaVere perhaps), including unnecessary remarks about your top draw, yes the "King," a statement of the obvious but I feel the need to explain.  And then that picture (actually I know a photographer and a chiropractor). Is your neck ok now? By the way, winning Oscars does count for something. Now you don't have to guess anymore. But anyway, keep telling us where we can get good BBQ.

  ~ Pete Los Angeles, CA

Hello from LA! I just wanted to say I got my Memphis magazine (I have a subscription!) and saw my inclusion in the Who's Who this year. How very exciting! I was amongst some big-time people! Thanks for including me in your City Guide. Hope you are well.

~ Sarah Morris

Los Angeles, CA

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