By the Numbers

7.8 -- User rating (out of 10) for the film Halloween on the Internet Movie Database (IMDb)

7.2 -- IMDb user rating for A Nightmare on Elm Street

2.7 million -- Number of pairs of glasses sold for Elvira's 1982 3-D broadcast in Los Angeles

170 -- Calories in a serving (4 pieces) of Snickers Minibars

40 -- Number of bars in a 13 oz. bag of Snickers Minibars

20 million -- pounds of Candy Corn made each year just for Halloween

6th -- Rank of Tennessee on the "fattest states" list.

1,500 -- (Approximate) number of costumes rented from Mister Lincoln's Costume Shop during 2005 Halloween season

$12.99 -- Price of a "French Maid" costume at Party City

$31.99 -- Price of a "Shake, Rattle, Roll" (Elvis) costume

$51.99 -- Price of a "Shoot'em Up Cowgirl" costume

$798.98 -- Cost of the most expensive Halloween costume: "Supreme Darth Vader" available from the Johnson Smith Company

$6.9 billion -- Estimated sales of Halloween-related items this year (source: National Confectioners Association)

1,385-- Weight, in pounds, of the world's largest pumpkin, as measured at the 2003 Great Pumpkin Weigh-in in New York. It still holds the record.

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