Letters to the Editor

Reading your editor's letter each month is fast becoming one of my favorite pastimes, and sharing it with my students at St. Agnes is most definitely becoming one of the highlights of AP English! So, how inspiring is this [September 2006] edition's letter! Just to put it simply, on Monday I will circulate your letter to my English teachers, share your letter that validates what I try to do every day and that so aptly defines the personality of the AP English student, and, quite frankly, frame the letter and hang it on my office wall. No kidding -- come by in a few days and it will be there to validate, inspire, and entertain. All my admiration,

~ Joy Rice

I read your editor's letter in Memphis magazine and, as you might suspect, identified with it. I graduated from Hutchison with you, and I teach Latin and English at Grace-St. Luke's. Not a day goes by when I don't recall my experiences with Mrs. Centko, Mrs. MacQueen, and Mrs. Newberry and reference their expectations for their classes. Not so surprisingly, when I teach the five-paragraph essay, I aim to demystify the "Precarious Pitfalls" and emphasize the importance of maintaining focus in writing. No doubt - good teachers leave lasting impressions. They are the reason I have a love for literature and writing, but more importantly, they are - in large part - why I became a teacher.

Thanks for a great article.


~ Kimberly Shaheen White

Thank you so much for your article on the 38126 zip code. I serve on the board of Advance Memphis and see the work that Steve Nash and his staff put in to providing hope for those who are deemed "hopeless." I deeply appreciate you showing our city what is happening in 38126 and the great people that are chipping away at the poverty and injustice. Thank you again,

~ Stuart Harris


Great article in the September issue on EcoBUILD. It shows how a modest investment with energy efficiency and the environment in mind when building new homes pays dividends over the life of that home in the form of lower energy use. With respected professionals like architect Jimmie Tucker and developer Henry Turley using this MLGW program to construct homes for themselves and their customers, it must be a wise investment. It's one more thing we can do to tread a little more lightly on the earth.

~ Bill Bullock

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