November 2009

In This Issue

Q & A: Griff Jenkins

Salary Envy

Out next mayor will have a lot on his plate. Let's hope money isn't the main course.

Four Wars, Four Warriors

In honor of Veterans Day, we salute these men who fought for our freedoms.

Roundball Remedy

College basketball can be saved. But not without seismic change.

Start Me Up

Fireplaces are hot, but without proper maintenance, you could get burned.

Atlantic Haddock

Nothing fishy about this delicate dish from Chef Kelly English of Restaurant Iris.

Pressure Release

Two Memphis friends publish a comic book about two Memphis friends publishing a comic book.

By The Numbers

Leader of the Pub

Memphis' first gastropub brings imaginative food with striking flavors to South Main.

Art Attack

Naked girls, death threats, car bombs, even a kidnapping. Are you kidding? Nope -- Just a day in the life of Memphis College of Art 40 years ago.

War Movies

School Days

Threat and Sweat

Fitness and self-defense in one class? Try Krav Maga.

Pay Now or Pay Later

Shelby County Sheriff Mark Luttrell wants to fight crime at the source.

Seven Deadly Zins

Tempt your inner desires with this lush wine.

Staff Pick: The Little Stranger

by Sarah Waters (Little, Brown, Virago)

Interiors, Wrestlers, and Killers

At Home in Tennessee: Classic Historic Interiors; These Extremes; Sputnik, Masked Men and Midgets; and Full Force, Nonstop, The Killer Himself