An illustrator based in Columbus, Ohio, Rich Lillash contributed the artwork for this month’s “Last Stand” essay. Rich earned a B.F.A in illustration and painting from the Columbus College of Art and Design and took part in the Society of Illustrators 50th exhibition and publication this year. His most distinctive work includes graphic collages created with eclectic combinations of new and vintage papers. Rich has illustrated a number of feature articles for Memphis magazine, and his wide range of clients includes The Wall Street Journal, Los Angeles Times, and Citibank. He is an avid fan of “outsider” art, which is produced by untrained artists, and says, “I sometimes wish I could be untrained and draw like that.” These days, he says his most creative effort is keeping his three young daughters busy.


Originally from New Orleans, Louisiana, editorial intern Jamison Beuerman is a senior at Rhodes College. A self-described Huguenot, his interests include competitive trivia, various lawn sports, and bullfights on acid. He is also fluent in Sanskrit and has been alternately described by his colleagues as “charismatic,” “handsome,” and “unbearably pretentious.” As a result of being a lifelong fan of the New Orleans Saints, he is extremely forgiving and tolerant. The greatest accolade he has ever received was being named the Rhodes College Heartthrob for 2008, a continual source of embarrassment for him. Also, he is pretty sure he will beat you in any sort of trivia contest.


associate art director hannah johnson was born and raised in memphis. he graduated with a degree in magazine design from the university of missouri-columbia’s prestigious journalism school. besides her love for graphic arts and typography, she also enjoys running half marathons, vintage shopping, grammar, and her tuxedo cat, lily. hannah is currently trying to shake an unhealthy addiction to grilled asparagus spears as well as overcome her fear of sunflowers. she is also a firm believer in using only lowercase letters. she views capitals as unaesthetic and thinks they generally cramp her style. thankfully, the editor respects her artistic style and let this bio run without capital letters, though it almost killed her and she assures you, dear reader, it won’t happen again.


After a long and arduous journey, Christopher Myers finally achieved what took him only ten years to accomplish: a college degree. Some might think ten years is an unacceptable amount of time to graduate, but obviously they’ve never met someone with an art degree. Although he did leave out the part about him changing his major twice, he doesn’t like to brag. Since graduating from the University of Memphis, Christopher has become the eternal art intern for Memphis. In his spare time he enjoys: comic books, anything Joss Whedon, and Wikipedia. Yeah, he’s a dork.

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