By the Numbers

47 — Number of "friends" Chris Myers has on MySpace

404 — Number of "friends" Hannah Johnson has on Facebook

1,217 — Friends of "Mr. Elvis Presley" on Facebook

46 million — Number of turkeys consumed at Thanksgiving, according to the National Turkey Foundation

690 million — Pounds of turkey consumed at Thanksgiving, according to the NTF. No data available on the amount of Pepto-Bismol swallowed afterward

$7 million — Amount of money left in the Wells Fargo vault heist 25 years ago this month

44 — Page number of this magazine on which you can find out more about that robbery

5 — Ranking of Wells Fargo among U.S. banks, as measured by assets

5 — Approximate number of minutes it'll take you to fill out our "Best Restaurants" readers poll available online now at

2nd — Day of November when daylight savings time ends. Get ready to leave work in the dark, folks.

4th — Day in November when every one of us should go to the voting booth and make our voices heard. Even if some of you are wrong.

5 — Number of our coworkers who admitted playing a drinking game of some sort during both the VP and Presidential debates in October

6 — Wingspan, in feet, of a (very large) turkey

2 — Victories needed by U of M basketball coach John Calipari to surpass the school record by Larry Finch

220 — Tiger victories under Larry Finch from 1986 to 1999

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