On Grandparents Day, Introduce Them to Grandparents.com

Grandparents hold a special place in family life. As Memphis Parent reader Rosalynn Arnold-Martin writes, her parents, Oretha and Mike, (pictured left) are awesome because "they always give our sons, Joshua and James, plenty of hugs and kisses." Grandmother Oretha also sends a text message every day showing what they are up to. "They are the coolest grandparents on Earth!" says Rosalynn.

Since today is Grandparent's Day, take a minute to say thank you to those who help make life grand for your family. Share a special meal together. Or give them a card to express your thanks. It doesn't have to be lavish, but your grandparents will appreciate knowing they're special to you.

To help your grands manage life in today's busy world, let them know about Grandparents.com. The website has relaunched with a great new look and big plans for the future. We spoke with editor Ellen Breslau about what's in store.

Memphis Parent: Your website as long focused on grandparents and the types of things they can do with their grandkids. Is that changing?

Grandparents Editor Ellen Breslau: We have found that our readers come for the grandkids but stay for themselves. So our emphasis is shifting to focus more on the celebrations and concerns grandparents have in their 50s, 60s, and 70s. We'll be offering more stories on healthy lifestyles, money management, personal care, and other topics that speak to life in addition to their role as grandparents with grandkids. We'll also feature great deals on products families want and need, and some fun interactive features. We aim to be the ultimate resource for grandparents.

What do you know about your reader?

Breslau: The median age of our reader is 50+, although grandparenting covers a wide age bracket, from the 40s upwards. Ultimately, we offer stories that will appeal to active people who are out and about, perhaps who are in the midst of retiring, and who are helping out with their grandkids.

We know from covering our community that a lot of grandparents are caring directly for their grandchildren, a growing trend nationally. That comes with its own set of challenges.

Breslau: Yes, so we will be offering more coverage of grandparents who are doing caregiving. We want to get more involved with that issue because there aren't a lot of resources out there. So we'll be discussing money management, physical care, and grandparent's rights. We'll also continue our discussion boards, where readers can share their experiences. We plan to provide a resource guide for caregivers that encompasses both federal and state assistance. We may even get involved in the political arena. 

To that end you are creating a new organization?

Breslau: Yes, the American Grandparents Association, which will be an off-shoot of our website. We want to focus on grandparents' legal rights as well as issues and resources for grandparents. Our owners see AARP as a political entity and don't always agree with their positions. They want to provide an alternative.

Your owners sound interesting.

Breslau: Absolutely. Steve Leber has a rich background in entertainment management; among other things he manager Aerosmith! He also worked for the William Morris Agency where he established their music division and handled such artists as the Rolling Stones, Simon & Garfunkel, Diana Ross, the Jackson Five, and the Beach Boys. Attorney Joe Bernstein is an investor and real estate developer. Both are grandparents and recognize that as the boomers age, they'll be looking for guidance. We want to address that need.

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