Fashionista of the Week: Emma

Little girls love to explore the world. Which is just what 3-year-old Emma was busy doing when we happened to meet up recently at the zoo. This photo captures her character quite well I think, and it makes me smile.

As my mother would say, the girl's got spunk.

Emma is currently enjoying the princess phase of life (according to her mom, Sara), which is undoubtedly what drew her to this royal purple ensemble.

Her butterfly top,  all ribbon and sequins, is playfully matched with a twirly, lavendar paisley skirt.

And don't you love her sparkly pink princess shoes? Who wouldn't want a pair like these to brighten up one's look?

If eyes are the window to the soul, then when Emma's young prince comes around someday, I do believe he'll be hard pressed to escape this rapturous gaze. Ah, to be a young princess.

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