Fashionista of the Week: Emilie

Ah, the fashionista, always looking for adventure. I spied charming Miss Emilie at the zoo this week, striking a pose by some topiary. The shrub was fashioned in the shape of a giraffe, just like the two that create a heart on this 4-year-old's top.

Don't you love how Emilie's flowered leggings seem to sprout from beneath her denim skirt? And those glittery pink ballet flats complete the look. Mom Setareh tells me all of these pieces can easily be found at Sears, Children's Place, and Target.

What's more, this mom is crafty. Just look at this adorable bow she fashioned out of ribbon. It's hot-glued to a clippy and embellished with feathers and a colorful giraffe sticker. Hooray for clever DIYers!

Not to mention equally clever little sisters. Two-year-old Miss Natalie couldn't resist getting in on the fun. But can you blame her? She looked fabulous rocking those giant sunglasses.

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