Fashionister of the Week: Christian

There's nothing like a playground to bring out clever children. I was completing my laps at Audubon Park recently when I came across this handsome boy. Not only is Christian smartly dressed, in his Ralph Lauren polo shirt and cargo pants from Macy's, but he is quite a talented fashionister. Once we finished our photo session, he showed me how he can dribble a basketball. Not just single-handedly mind you, but from hand-to-hand — and between both legs.

I was completely dazzled. Oh, did I mention his age? Christian is just 6, yet he's already a title holder. His AAU (Amateur Athletics Union) basketball team, Swag Elite, came up the winners of the Tennessee 2nd Grade State Basketball Champions. Maybe this explains his beautiful smile; Christian's got plenty to smile about, and so do his parents.

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