AllerMates Make For Safer Playdates

No matter how careful you are, if you've got a child with allergies, life can be tricky. You can't always know what your child is getting into when he's away at daycare or camp. That's what prompted one mom to create AllerMates. These clever charms boast 14 cartoon characters that easily convey to others your child's allergy. The product line includes charms, wristbands with the characters affixed, and a lunchbox.

The characters represent the majority of allergies kids experience, from peanuts, wheat, or dairy to penicillin, even insect stings. Have your child wear the charms as a necklace; they're perfect for daycare, sleepovers, or travel.

"No matter how many forms I signed or how many times I spoke to the teacher, the inevidable happened," notes Iris Shamus, AllerMates founder. "My son and another allergic classmate were offered foods they weren't supposed to have. So, I set out to create something more personalized so that a camp counselor, caregiver, or teacher would always be aware of his allergies."

Wrist bands: $6.99. Dog tags: $6.99, necklace: $3.99.

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