Fun Ideas for a Rainy Day

Don't let the rainy weather dampen your spirits. Rainy days can be celebrated when you've got fun projects you can present to your kids. Let the rain spark your imagination. All it takes is a little preparation.

• Build a fort out of sheets and blankets. Give kids flashlights and plastic tableware for an indoor picnic.

• Have a musical parade. Let kids find noise-making items like pots, pans, shakers made of cans with dried beans. Once everyone has their musical instrument, begin your parade.

• Bake cookies. Buy the sliceable dough and sprinkles. Once baked, let the kids decorate and eat. Yum.

• Play Button-Button, Who Has the Button. Kids love hide-and-seek games. Hide a button (or a left over plastic Easter egg) somewhere in the living room, then give the kids hints as to how hot (close) or cold (far) they are from the object. Once they've found it a few times, reverse roles and let them hide the button from you.

• Make homemade play dough and let kids create. I made a recipe up once for a Sunday School class and several years later, the dough (which has sat in a tub in my fridge) is still as good as new. Moms Who Think has several recipes worth trying.

• Have quiet time. Let kids spend time with art supplies either drawing, writing, or doing puzzles.

• If you have rain boots and jackets, let kids run off their energy by playing in the rain.



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