Summer Fun: Discover Nature in Your Neighborhood

As a kid, I grew up living with woods and open vistas right behind my house. Discovering nature was easy, all I had to do was take a hike. My son has been brought up in a much more urban setting. Nature it there, too, you just have to be a bit more attentive.

That's why I like It's a Jungle Out There by Jennifer Ward. The book's subtitle, "52 Adventures for City Kids," promises exploration just steps beyond your front door, no matter how developed your neighborhood is.

"We often rush by nature, too busy to connect with its offerings," the author writes, and I would agree. Families today spend way too much time indoors. Her antidote is a selection of outdoor activities that will help you and your child see your surroundings with "new eyes and a new perspective."

Ideally suited for children from preschool to the middle- elementary years, Ward will have you examining tree bark, picking up stones, and observing wildlife as you collect treasures. Her thoughtful prompts and ideas provide fun ways to reconnect with the natural world.



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