Fashionista of the Week: Selina

I had the pleasure of meeting a fashionista recently who lit up the sky. I was paying a visit to the playground at Johnson Park in Collierville, when 8-year-old Selina stepped out from behind the swings. 

Dressed in a sherbet-colored skirt and tie-dye top from Justice (her favorite store), she reminds me of a Florida sunset, warm and inviting. Her mother, Elena, tells me Selina not only enjoys dressing herself, but putting together outfits for the entire family. "Everything she picks, I love," says her mom.

What I love is Selina's attention to detail. Her headband, a cluster of bright fabric roses, looks charming against her jet black hair. Gently trimmed in tiny beads, the buds almost seem to shimmer with dew. Another nice touch is this adorable charm necklace, delicately tied around

her neck with a pink grosgrain ribbon.

It turns out Selina is not only a talented shopper (and good with coupons), but an accomplished pianist, too. She placed second at the International Youth Sonatina and Sonata Piano Competition (brother Eric finished in first). The two shall perform at Carnegie Hall later this year — stylishly dressed to the nines, I'm sure.

Do you have little fashionistas at home? Do tell! Send an email with the word FASHIONISTA in the subject line to: Connect with us on Facebook, Twitter @memphis_parent,  and Pinterest, too.


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