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Living in the Moment

January 2014

New Tennessee Law Addresses Youth Sport Concussions


New Tennessee Law Addresses Youth Sport Concussions

Brooke de Lench was watching one of her sons play in a high school football game, and what she saw worried her. He looked slow. Confused. Uncoordinated. No one else seemed to notice, but she saw enough to set off alarm bells. It wasn’t just that he was having an off day. A visit to the doctor confirmed her fears — her son was suffering from the residual effects of at least one concussion, and possibly more. “I was told to never let his head to be in a collision again,” says De Lench, the founder of, a website whose mission is to empower parents of young athletes through information and resources. While her son recovered, the experience was frightening enough to launch De Lench on a mission of spreading the word about the dangers of...

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