Kid President Shares His Awesomeness on the Today Show & CNN

If you were watching the Today show or CNN this week, you might have seen this young man. His name is Robbie Novak, better known by his online presence, Kid President. This 8-year-old's uplifting messages have been exploding on the Internet recently.

This week, his Kid President Pep Talk video went viral. News of the video eventually made it onto Huffington Post and from there was picked up by the networks.

We first interviewed Brad Montague, Robbie's brother/writer/producer, back in August. Read that interview here. The two are from Somerville, Tennessee, where Brad works as an aspiring comedian and musician. At that time, their videos were catching fire, but certainly hadn't exploded the way they did in January. At last count, the Pep Talk video had 5.5 million hits. 

What makes this story interesting is that Robbie also has osterogenesis imperfect, or brittle bone syndrome. He's had more than 70 fractures in his short life and is often seen sporting a cast. But that doesn't dampen his exuberance for life. In fact, his videos frequently end with him dancing, after giving encouraging words to live by.

So follow in the footsteps of Kid President — and create something that will make the world awesome.

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