Fashionista of the Week: Iyonia

Confidence will take you far in life. It radiates from you, like a beacon of light.

It was that light that drew me to Iyonia, a striking young lady who was spending the afternoon browsing at The Shops of Saddle Creek with her mother, brother, and friends.

Finding skinny jeans can be challenging when you're little, but Justice, the girl's clothing store, carries acid wash jeans that fit slim girls like Iyonia to a T. She pairs them with a lemon-yellow top, this stripped navy shrug, and a jewel encrusted belt that completes the look.

If you need a hint as to her activities, this adorable charm bracelet (given by her auntie), tells some of the story.

Iyonia competes in natural beauty pagents. (See the little black dress?) Pagents can help build a girl's self-confidence.

Iyonia is also a cheerleader. In fact, she's the flyer, the gymnast who lands at the top of the pyramid. Her team recently competed nationally in Orlando. And won!

So cheers to fashionistas like Iyonia, who are learning early in life that the sky is the limit when you've got the confidence to succeed.

Do you have little fashionistas at home? Do tell! Send an email with the word FASHIONISTA in the subject line to: Connect with us on Facebook, Twitter @memphis_parent,  and Pinterest, too.



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