Where Can I Find Your Awesome Outfit, Taylor Swift?

We'll admit it; it was a toss up between reviewing the How'd They Build That? construction video, and this tasty fashion tidbit.

Can you blame us?

We simply fell in love with Taylor Swift's latest look. She was spotted in this sleek black ensemble while hanging out with the Kennedy clan on Cape Cod this summer.

Turns out we're not alone. Just this week, Good Morning America featured a spot on her trendy attire.

Swift's keen eye for style and her shift towards a chicer vintage look has garnered plenty of notice. (Tagging along with the Kennedy's hasn't hurt, either.)

In fact, some fashion wags are blaming Taylor's more demure look on her budding relationship with 18-year-old Conor Kennedy, the grandson of Robert F. Kennedy. But since the country superstar is just 22, we suspect it may have as much to do with her own desire to explore a range of looks.

That said, if your tween or teen is ga-ga over Taylor, you can learn how to emulate her style on sites like dressliketaylor.net, or college fashion.net. What's more, your teen can find comparable knock-offs of many of Swifts outfits at shops like Forever 21, The Loft, and Old Navy.

Bling on a budget. Thanks, Taylor.


What do you think of Taylor Swift's style? Does your tween or teen look to celebrities for fashion inspiration? Let us hear from you!

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