Online Shopping: 4 Maternity Sites We Like

I longed to feel pretty when I was pregnant. Which is not easily accomplished when you look like you've swallowed a beach ball. Thankfully, a lot of designers get that today, and the selection for maternity clothes is vastly improved. Here's a round-up of cute outfits we found while doing a little online browsing this week.

Babies N has a super-cute selection of maternity casuals, as well as outfits for dressy occasions. I was surprised by their selection and the style. While trendy, they aren't too pricey, and many of their fashions look like they'd work post-partum, too, (provided you don't want to bury that stuff once baby arrives). Bonus: They offer a decent selection of Plus-sized maternitywear. • $39.99


Bella does a great job of covering the essentials, we particularly like their bras for pre- and post-baby arrival. Getting a bra that fits properly not only makes you more comfortable, it's more flattering, too. Read their blog post on trimester-to-trimester fitting tips. Then browse their tanks, camisoles, and loungewear. • $86 - Sale price: $30


Destination Maternity offers cute line of swimwear. When we looked, they had a 30 percent sale going on for select suits. Wouldn't this be perfect for showing off your baby bump this summer! • $26.98


Finally, Due Maternity and Baby has those skinny jeans that everyone is showing this season. I love the bright spring colors, like these coral five-pocket jeans. They all sport nice looking stretch waistband tops that provide support and will grow as you do. • $78-$200

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