Kid'Sleep Clock for Preschoolers

Getting little ones to bed can be a challenge. Getting them to stay in bed come morning, is an even bigger trick. That's why we like Kid'Sleep. This child-friendly alarm clock lets preschoolers know their bedtime. When the sleeping bunny (bear or mouse) is lit, it is time to sleep. When the awake bunny lights up, it's time to rise and shine. 

The clock, available at Live, Love, Dream ($39.99), also has an alarm function, a chirping bird that morphs into a rooster. It can be set to go off when the awake animal is lit. The clock works with or without the alarm function being set. A smaller, battery operated travel alarm version, the Globetrotter, is also available. • Kid'Sleep by Claessen's Kids.

Here's to grabbing a few extra Zzzs.

Follow me on Twitter! ~ Jane Schneider, Memphis Parent editor @membelle

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