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Alice P. Nunnery, ph.d.

UT Health Science Center

Alice P. Nunnery signed up
 to serve on the Alumni Board of Directors for the College of Nursing at the University of Tennessee Health Science Center (UTHSC) for “a trial period.” After more than a decade, she is leaving the board to be a liaison between her graduating class (B.S.N., 1971) and the UT Alumni Association.

Reflecting on the reactivation of the UTHSC bachelor’s degree in nursing, Dr. Nunnery says, “This reminds everyone of the important role of the bedside nurse in the delivery of health care. The nurse is the critical link between the patient and all the other health professionals. The BSN program is also important as an entry point into graduate nursing programs.”

Her most significant career accomplishment was organizing a cardiac rehab center at a physical therapy clinic in Murfreesboro. She set up a program of exercise, dietary counseling, and psychological support to help patients come to grips with their new “normal” and take control of their health again.

A lifelong learner, she earned a Ph.D. in English and taught college for 14 years, helping nursing students refine their research and writing skills. “Choosing the UT College of Nursing is one of the most important decisions of your life and career,” she says.


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