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Profiles of some of our area's top nurses.

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Suzanne Kuhn , r.n.

Delta Medical Center

Suzanne Kuhn graduated
 from Methodist School of Nursing in 1988. Working on an oncology unit, she encountered a nurse who became an instant mentor. “Watching this nurse’s interaction with a breast cancer patient, observing her compassion and her ability to help this patient obtain both comfort and integrity, certainly helped me determine my career path,” says Kuhn.

Working in Home Health further solidified that direct patient care would be her strong suit. She received her certification as a Certified Wound Care Specialist in 1999. In 2002, Delta Medical Center approached her about managing their Wound Care and Hyperbaric Center. She was mesmerized as she witnessed how oxygen under pressure stimulates the body’s natural healing process. “I was amazed to find that the marriage of wound care and hyperbaric treatment accelerated healing incredibly,” she says.

Her favorite aspect of nursing is “observing the patients make changes in their lives as they concentrate on getting well and staying well.” Linda Martorano, chief nursing officer at Delta Medical Center, stated, “Watching a nurse grow into an advocate role is remarkable. Suzanne is all about the patient, and her combination of skill and compassion makes her one of our greatest assets at Delta.”


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