May 2008

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In This Issue

Running Shoes

Juggling three bands and a frenetic schedule keeps indie-rocker Time Regan on his toes.

Priority One

It's the schools, stupid.

Musicfest vs BBQfest

If it comes between the ribs or The Roots, sorry; I’m going for the ribs.

That's the Spirit

Author Dwight Fryer gets down to business.

Cottage Industry

Ask Vance
Our trivia expert solves local mysteries of who, what, when, where, why, and why not.

Staff Pick: Being Dead

By Jim Crace (Macmillan)

Dust Busting

A central vacuum system offers plenty of advantages, whether you're cleaning your home or your horses. Yes, horses.

Imagination Station

Sculptor Nelson Smith III might be the best Memphis artist you've never heard of.

Stand Down

Until we gain control of firearms, the tears we shed over senseless tragedy will remain the norm.

Smooth Transitions

From Bourbon to suburban, Louisiana-born chef "Shaggy" Duffee brings innovative, edgy cuisine to Germantown' Equestria.

Seared Hamachi

The tasty tuna recipe is courtesy of chef Ken Lumpkin of Umai.

Barrel Tested

Results vary when the forest and the vine collide.

Mood For Thought

Relax your mind and let your body do the rest.

Willy Bearden

Raising the Bar

Editor's Letter

May 2008 Contributors

More is Less?

Why the city's "new math" could mean even higher taxes for us all.

By the Numbers

Shelf Life

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