March 2012

In This Issue

Unexpected Consequences

Annexation at all costs sometimes means we are paying for the decline of our own city.

In The Beginning

Estate of the Arts

Everything old is breathtakingly new in the Weinstein home in East Memphis.

Squeeze In

Rizzo's amps up diner food favorites with yin-yang flavors and hipster appeal.

When Blue and Gray Turned Red

Shiloh marks the sesquicentennial of a battle that shook both sides of the Civil War.

A Home for All

From its early days as an orphanage to its present function as a retirement community, St. Peter's serves as a refuge for those in need.

The Return of the Native

After an illustrious pro-basketball career in Europe, Marcus Brown is back home in West Memphis.

The Coast Is Calling

Warts & All

If you want to change the world, you've got to start somewhere. John Griffin started in Greenlaw. And Memphis is lucky he did.

The Woman He Loved

The Decorative Arts Trust welcomes Anne Sebba and her new biography of the Duchess of Windsor.

The Big Shoe

The Brights of Spring

photography by Larry Kuzniewski, fashion styling by Augusta Campbell

Conference Call

Moving to the Big East is a big win for the University of Memphis.

Off the Back Burner: Yo Gotti's New Album

After a long delay, Yo Gotti's Live From the Kitchen is all about "getting good music to the people."