Made In Memphis

Designers channel the Bluff City with locally made jewelry and garments.

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White illustrated T-shirt, $38; handmade sequin skirt, $70, both by Eric Evans of SachË. Green semi-precious bracelet, $195; semi-precious 12-row bracelet, $435; earrings, $98, all by Myrna Halpern.

Myrna Halpern of Montage Jewelry is, in many ways, the accidental jewelry designer. “I often say that I should have named my company Serendipity,” she says. “It started as a hobby and people started buying what I had made. I didn’t have a business plan, but I did find that I have a passion.” Halperin began her jewelry-making business in 2001. She had been a teacher for gifted children for 25 years prior to that, and had just retired. “I had no intention of selling anything,” she says. But she’d always been a collector of vintage jewelry. She would take the pieces apart and remake them in new and imaginative ways. “Literally, I was wearing some bracelets at the beauty shop and a woman remarked on them and asked if she could buy them. And that’s how it started.” Now, her pieces incorporate semi-precious gems and freshwater pearls. One of her signature styles is beads woven together to form parts of her jewelry. Her pieces are available at Kittie Kyle, Oak Hall, Joseph, Bella Viaggia, and Shop Girl, and her website is

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