Made In Memphis

Designers channel the Bluff City with locally made jewelry and garments.

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Black T-shirt dress with brick motif by Eric Evans of Sache, $65; hand-dyed feather earrings by Rachel Evans of SachË, $42.

Eric Evans of Sache has been designing in Memphis since 2008. He started as a graphic designer working out of his garage, doing T-shirts and logos for bands and other clients. That interest grew into full-fledged screen printing and, later, his shop, Sachë, on South Main. There, he cuts, sews, and dyes clothing in a variety of original styles, like the brick dress worn here by model Hannah. To achieve that particular look, he painted over the 100-year-old exposed bricks in the shop and then pressed the fabric to the surface, making something new, or what he calls his progressively classic design esthetic. “It’s not just fashion for fashion’s sake, or art for art’s sake,” he says. The point is to build fashions that associate form and function, and to incorporate subliminal meanings whenever possible. In the case of the brick dress, it’s the “cool new look of history.” 

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