June 2011

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In This Issue

Party Pix: Med Foundation Gala

McKellar Lake

Our trivia expert solves local mysteries of who, what, when, where, why, and why not.

After the Flood

We made the national news for good reasons and bad. Now where does Memphis go from here

Singular Sensation

John Bragg’s new Circa brings uptown style to East Memphis.

Is the Secret in the Petri Dish?

If you look hard, you can find culture where you least expect it.

Slow Train to Memphis

Playwright Jerre Dye comes of age.

Memphis Minnie's Ashes

He’s innocent, eager, in awe of Lucy. She’s lusty, world-weary,a blues-mama wannabe. Together they bring the graveyard to life.

“They Don’t Write Books About Iowa”

Now in its sixth year, the Delta Conference explores what makes this region “the most interesting place on earth.”

In the Beginning

Town & Country

Following in the Fa(u)lkners’ footsteps.

Variety Rules

After 35 years, WEVL’s still going strong.

Team Players

City mayor A C Wharton and county mayor Mark Luttrell have put aside their differences for the betterment of our region.

Hitting the High Notes

Up-and-coming music festivals are just around the corner.

The Art and Life of Carroll Cloar

An in-depth look at Memphis’ most famous painter, considered by some critics as a great American master.

Like Fathers, Like Sons

A Father’s Day tribute: The Dickinsons and Selvidges keep it all in the family.
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