Letters to the Editor

Home Improvement

The home on your May cover once belonged to my grandparents, Abe and Olga Scharff. Later, in the late '70s, after my grandparents had both died, I passed through Memphis and drove by the house. I'm delighted to know it is again receiving the respect and care it deserves.

~ Gordon Greene

Oklahoma City

Memories of Eddie

I was just thrilled to see the article on Edwin Hubbard [December 2008]. I grew up in Memphis and started playing the flute in 8th grade at Wooddale High School. Mr. Hubbard was my idol! He dated a friend of my parents when I was a little girl, so my parents took us to see him play occasionally. We took music lessons at Amro music store and quite frequently got to see some of Memphis' great musicians of the '60s there, including Mr. Hubbard. Eddie Hubbard was not only flamboyant and fabulous, he was very kind to a little girl who wanted so badly to be able to flute pick like he did.

I never learned to play as well as Hubbard, and I have never had the nerve to tie feathers on my flute, even though I have been strongly tempted, but I like to imagine that just listening to the glory of his music might have rubbed off on my playing a little bit. I love every issue of Memphis, And Vance is a true Memphis treasure! Thanks as always for bringing a big smile to my face.

~ Jaime Cripe

South Bend, IN

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