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By the Numbers

70 – Age Morgan Freeman turns on June 1st.

59 – Age Kathy Bates turns on June 28th.

21 – Percent of adults (18 and older) who currently smoke cigarettes.

22,700-69,600 – Number of U.S. deaths each year caused by heart disease from secondhand smoke.

21 million or 35 percent – Number of children who live in homes where residents or visitors smoke in the home on a regular basis.

9 – Number of states as of 2005 that prohibit smoking in almost all workplaces, including restaurants.

60 – The rise in percentage of soft drink consumption among U.S. children between 1977-1997.

2.8 – Percentage of daily calories coming from soda in 1977-78.

7 – Percentage of daily calories coming from soda 1999-2001.

8 – Percentage of daily calories coming from milk 1977-78.

4 – Percent of calories coming from milk 1999-2001.

1910 – Year Father's Day was first observed.

95 million – Number of Father's Day cards given in 2005 ­– making it the fourth largest card-sending holiday.

79.1 – Average temperature in Memphis during June.

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