Journey of the Heart

Armed with her camera, curiosity, and compassion, photojournalist Amie Vanderford joined a medical mission to document the work of a Memphis philanthropy.

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Juan Manuel receives oxygen from Dr. Juan Boriosi before an operation to correct a condition called Tetralogy of Fallot. This defect causes low oxygenation of the blood and bluish coloring. A shunt helped the child receive more blood flow to the lungs.

Because I speak Spanish, I was able to talk with the boy’s mother, Diana, and offer her comfort. She, in turn, truly impressed me with her faith and positive outlook even though her son was slow to awake from surgery and several days passed before his condition stabilized. Diana experienced moments of fear and doubt as any parent would, but more often than not she was seen with a smile on her face while comforting young Juan Manuel.

Over the course of the two-week mission, 26 patients were treated through surgery and heart catheterizations, and not one child died. I saw firsthand the astounding difference that ICHF — founded right here in Memphis — makes in the lives of children who might otherwise have no chance. 


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