In The Beginning

Regular readers of Memphis — you know who you are; we thank you mightily for your support in these challenging economic times — have no doubt noticed that for many months now, this magazine has not been publishing letters or comments from our subscribers. Frankly, many of our issues have been smaller than we might have liked, and as result editorial space has often been at a premium.

Happily, we are “bringing back” our Letters page with our next issue. Should you wish to comment on anything or everything we’re doing, contact us anytime day or night at our commentary website address,, or in traditional postal fashion by sending your comments to The Editor, Memphis magazine, 460 Tennessee Street,  #200, Memphis, TN 38103. Or during normal business hours, just pick up the mobile communication device and call us, at 901-521-9000. We really and truly would love to hear what you think about what we do.

In the meantime, here’s a sampling of some of the comments we’ve received in recent months:

 It was October 1975, when I relocated with my company from Memphis to Fort Worth, Texas. Having been born in Memphis and lived there my entire life, I was having a hard time adjusting to Texas life, even though close friends from work had also moved with me. The following April, my older sister sent me a gift to celebrate my 28th birthday; it was a subscription to City of Memphis magazine.

As a charter subscriber, I would like to think I’ve read every issue to keep up with what was happening in Memphis. I have submitted 11 changes of address, 1 name change, and currently have 55 issues that I felt needed to be saved.

Since you asked what the magazine should be doing in the future: Keep doing what you do best – providing a magazine that for me has delivered 35 years of keeping up with what is happening in Memphis.

Margaret Lee       
Fort Worth, TX       

 I  am writing to say how much I enjoyed and appreciated Marilyn Sadler’s article (“Got Pain”?) in your March 2011 issue. It struck a chord with me, and I have just completed treatment for hepatitis C, and my husband has had cancer twice, as well as open-heart surgery and a stroke. These experiences have helped us learn much about ourselves, and we both feel we have evolved into better people because of what we’ve been through. I’m the owner/director of Camp Bear Track, and very often our children, families, and staff experience events that are difficult to understand. The way Ms. Sadler’s essay pulled redemption from illness and pain really drove the message home. It’s a timeless message we all need reminding of.

Olivia Dowell       
Drasco, AR       

 With regard to your selection of the “Memphis 35” in your April anniversary issue: This was a great article, but you left out two men who have done more for the city than some you listed: Ned Cook and Charlie McVean.

George Gardener       
Memphis, TN       

Selecting the individuals most deserving of inclusion in our list of the most influential Memphians of the past 35 years was no easy task. We have received names of dozens other possible inclusions since April. Look for a follow-up story on distinguished Memphians whom we’ve “left behind” in our September issue.

I have been an occasional purchaser and sometime subscriber of Memphis over the last decade or two. Alas, eventually the unavoidable advertising pages got in my way of your fine editorial content of yesteryear.

I’m telling you this just to say that my only suggestion to improve the organ is to find a way to cut down on all the bothersome advertising and info-mercials from the “professionals.” You’ve got a tough job.

Ellis Darby       
Tunica, MS       

That is an understatement, Mr. Darby. But we are heartened by the fact that our subscriber list continues to grow, along with the number of advertisers represented in our pages, advertisers whose financial support we depend upon, month in and month out. We hope in the future you can derive as much value from their messages in MEMPHIS as you thankfully do from our editorial content.

 Have to tell you your most recent issue of Memphis (June 2011) is splendid. Far better looking layout and lots to read. Congratulations on the best issue in a couple of years.

John Malmo       
 Memphis, TN       

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