Letters to the Editor

I just read the Father's Day story by Marilyn Sadler (Last Stand, June 2009). She addressed, in a caring and compassionate manner, a topic that is often swept away. I am certain that those who were children of parents with undiagnosed/untreated mental health issues probably breathed a sigh of relief that their feelings were acknowledged and validated through her words.

~ Herbie Krisle

So many colorful people have crossed my path in the past, all of them occurring in the 50 years I spent there. I enjoyed Vance's article (Ask Vance, March 2009) on Berl Olswanger. If it weren't for the success and popularity of Berl, I would not have been able to go to med school.

Berl was so popular that socialites in Memphis who wanted entertainment for their parties were unable to schedule him to play. I had just graduated from Yale with a major in music, and due to the interest from my in-laws, Lucius and Elsie Burch, the word was spread that I was available to play for their affairs. And not only that, my price-per-hour was half that of Berl's.

By doing these jobs, I was able to go to med school and support my fledgling family. So I am eternally indebted to Berl.

Vance, I always enjoy your work at

Memphis magazine each month. A trip down memory lane is nostalgic, informative, and soul lifting each month. Many thanks for your column.

~ John Gratz

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