Letters to the Editor

I just wanted to say what an outstanding job you did on the April issue. If the magazine doesn't win awards for it, then something's wrong somewhere! It was just fabulous!

I also thoroughly enjoyed the May issue and now am reading the June issue. I think you did a great job with the "Hot" picks — and that could not have been easy. Keep up the fine work. And I love your monthly editor's letter.

~ Wayne Ferguson

Kudos on Marilyn Sadler's [June] article on the comments made by Rev. Sandridge!

Sadler has a mind that exhibits both curiosity and a bent for critical thinking. Add to that the ability to put it all down on paper in a manner that makes for great reading, and — voila! — you have an exciting piece of journalism.

I might add that in this city in these times, it takes a certain amount of intestinal fortitude for her to sign her name to the article and for you to run it in your magazine. Well done.

~ Ed Barlow

I've just read "Altar-ed Thinking" [Last Stand, June] and want to congratulate Marilyn Sadler for her perceptive analysis. Unfortunately, I doubt that those who need to follow her advice will ever see it. Too bad!

Even though I think Memphis is a very nice place . . . murders are committed every day, and in many instances the cases are never solved. Those involved in this senseless killing seem to be unaware of the basic difference between good and evil. There seems to be an indifference to the value of another person's life. I still have no idea what the solution is to such behavior

Bon Courage!

~ Gene Odom
Paris, France

Although I've been an Oregonian since 1992, I remain a Memphian at heart and enjoy keeping up with my hometown via Memphis magazine. Congrats on your updated look. Long may you publish!

Please tell me you noticed the mistake [carved into the] brass note photographed on page 49 of your June issue. Correct apostrophe usage seems to be a dying art. If the Beale Street folks were acknowledging the Tigrett family (plural), then no apostrophe was needed, right? How should a concerned citizen bring this to the attention of the powers-that-be: mail them a punctuation lesson? Or ask the editor of a fine local publication to point it out?

~ Lauren Wellford Deming
Portland, Oregon
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