Sure, local chefs and restaurateurs can create culinary masterpieces with their professional kitchens and support staff, but what can they do at home? We sent former Conde Nast staffer Geraldine Campbell to five local chef's homes to take a peek at what goes on away from the demanding palates of diners, and share a few tricks of the trade, including easy-to-replicate recipes for a few of their favorite dishes. Home cooking never tasted so good.

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By the Numbers

4 -- Weight, in pounds, of just the meat in the "Sasquatch" hamburger served at the Big Foot Lodge. Anyone who eats this in less than an hour gets the $19.99 purchase price refunded

0 -- Number of Big Foot diners who, as of December 1st, have met this challenge

42 -- Number of barbecue restaurants in Memphis. Not as many as you'd think, right?

1.06 -- Average holiday weight gain, in pounds, according to the New England Journal of Medicine

45 -- Average percentage of Americans who make New Year's resolutions

20 -- Average percentage of people who actually keep them

80 -- Number of beers on draft at the Flying Saucer

125 -- Number of bottled beers

1948 -- Year the Rendezvous served its first rack of ribs

45 -- Number of years the Rendezvous' Robert Sr. has been serving them

31 -- Flavors touted at Baskin Robbins ice cream stores

48 -- Flavors actually available

15 -- Calories in a Starbucks Venti coffee of the day

760 -- Calories in a Starbucks Venti white chocolate Frappuccino

26 -- Age Justin Timberlake turns on January 31st

28 -- Number of Grizzlies home games left in the season

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