Sure, local chefs and restaurateurs can create culinary masterpieces with their professional kitchens and support staff, but what can they do at home? We sent former Conde Nast staffer Geraldine Campbell to five local chef's homes to take a peek at what goes on away from the demanding palates of diners, and share a few tricks of the trade, including easy-to-replicate recipes for a few of their favorite dishes. Home cooking never tasted so good.

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January 2007

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In This Issue

Raw Power

Followers of the raw food diet have a cool new way to eat, literally.

No Reservations

From Midtown home to dining destination, one room at a time.

Home Cooking

What do some of our city's TOP CHEFS make when they're at home? You might be surprised.

Mansion Redux

An old home finds new life as Memphis' first African-American B&B.

Food Fiction

A quick look at the myths behind some of our most popular meals.

Felicia Willett of Felicia Suzanne

Food Flashback

Jason Severs of Bari Ristorante

Judd Grisanti of Spindini

Erling Jensen of Erling Jensen: The Restaurant

Staff Pick: Clock Without Hands

Madrid in Memphis?

Our trivia expert solves local mysteries of who, what, when, where, why, and why not.

Going for Gold

When it comes to the BEST OF MEMPHIS, the people have spoken.

The Waiting Game

Buffets vs. Entrées

Q&A: Stacey Greenberg

2006 Readers Restaurant Poll Winners

Our 2006 Winners plus our panel picks

Port Authority

A primer for the uninitiated oenophile.

Jack Of All Trades

It might be called "Flip Side Kid," but Jack Yarber's latest release is garage, all grown up.

"Dearest Bill"

Joan Williams and William Faulkner: an affair to remember.


By the Numbers

José Gutierrez of Encore

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