A Day in the Life of a Memphis Foodie

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10:30 am Mid-Morning Snack

Café Eclectic

—Best Coffeehouse Winner—

I think you can link Elvis with just about any place in Memphis, and Café Eclectic is no different. You see, before he was officially proclaimed the King of Rock-and-Roll, Elvis practiced in an upstairs room of the original Cafe Eclectic on McLean. And back in the 1950s, guitarist Scotty Moore had a day job at the cleaners next door.

This particular morning, I was looking for a simple snack, but that’s no simple task here. “Eclectic” is a good way to describe the menu, whether it’s for breakfast, brunch, dinner, or snacks.

The counters are packed with pastries and pies and cakes and cookies and doughnuts, all baked in-house. “I don’t think many people know that we operate our own bakery,” says owner Cathy Bouden, “and that even includes our hamburger buns.”

It’s hard to count how many calories go out the door every day, but Bouden pulled out a calculator to figure the number of eggs blended into their bread and baked goods — an astonishing 240 dozen every week.

And it’s not just sweet and sugary stuff either. One of their top items is a mouth-watering buttermilk scone packed with cheddar cheese, applewood bacon, and black pepper.
If that still doesn’t fill you up, pick up an ice-cold Fanta from the cooler by the door. That should top off any mid-morning snack.   — Michael Finger


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