A Day in the Life of a Memphis Foodie

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Afternoon Nap: 3:30 pm

Peabody Lobby Bar

—Hippest Bar Setting - New Winner—

If you’re a people-watcher who also has a sweet tooth, you’re in luck in the lobby of the South’s grand hotel. Most any time of the day you can order dessert, from a decadent slab of chocolate cake to a summery slice of Key lime pie. I chose a little something in between, a fruit tart. Its blackberries, blueberries, strawberries, and pineapple – some whole, some sliced – sat atop a pretty tart whose almond and coconut flavors added just the right rich contrast to the sunny fruit flavors.  If your tastebuds need a sharper buzz, you’ll like the wasabi peas and lemon-lime-chile chips the server set before us in a silver bowl. Crunching  on the last of the chips, I sat back to watch others partaking of this afternoon delight. But that lasted only briefly. After a sip or two or three of Baileys Irish Cream, offered generously by my companion, my eyelids were settling at half-mast, as visions of marching ducks danced in my head.   —Marilyn Sadler


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