Q&A: Andy Wise

Channel 5's restaurant watchdog dishes it out.

photographs by Brandon Dill

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For 16 years, faithful viewers have followed his consumer-advice shows and investigative reporting, delivered with his hard-hitting style and signature swagger. An Ohio native who grew up in Atlanta and earned his journalism degree from Auburn University, Wise worked in Jackson and Biloxi, Mississippi, before moving to Memphis in 1997.

Since he joined WMC-TV in 2008, one of his more popular segments has been Thursday night’s “Restaurant Scorecard,” during which he reports health department inspection scores of Memphis-area eateries complete with down-and dirty details — from “flies on raw chicken wings” to “moldy debris in the soft-serve machine.” But he also gives a hearty nod to high-scorers along with rave reviews of restaurants that viewers recommend.

We sat down with Wise to get his take on the slimy, the sublime, and his own skills in the kitchen.

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Nov 27, 2013 09:27 pm
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