February 2009

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Has fitness ever been so fun?

Frankly, At Forty

Advice you can live on for at least 40 years.

What's Your Problem?

New Year, New You?
If you're making a few resolutions, these experts offer insights on how to actually keep them.

Movie Villains: Annie Wilkes vs. Noah Cross

Fair Play?

In Inman Majors' new novel, it's politics and payback, Tennessee style.

Skating Buy

Local craftsman Caleb Sweazy creates furniture that'll floor you. Literally.

Mediterranean Makeover

A house at 717 South McLean combines the best of old and new.

Clean, Green, and Safe

If this is what young, bright professionals want in a city, can we lure them to Memphis?

Rumba on Main Street

A new club heats things up downtown/

Flavor Savor

What "Umami" is and why it matters.

Champagne Truffles

At the River Inn at Harbor Town, guests enjoy these sweet sensations created by Executive Chef David Schrier of the Hotel's fine dining restaurant, Currents. Now the recipe is yours, just in time for Valentine's Day

Route 66: Lost and Found

By Russell A. Olsen / Voyageur Press

Grilling Detroit

U.S. Senator Bob Corker put carmakers in the hot seat.

Lascivious Labels

Talk wine to me, baby.

Growing Up Burnside

The late R.L. Burnside's music lives on, thanks to his family, fans, and oddly, Jimmy Buffett. Yes, that one.

One Hot Read

Staff Pick: Infinite Jest

by David Foster Wallace

Q&A: Sister Myotis

2gether 4ever

Sure, it's easy enough to say, but keeping that vow can be a challenge. Find out how these couples made it work.

The Great Corncob Fire

Chill Out

Personal Touch

Need some structure for your new fitness routine? Hire a trainer.

Sole Searching

The role of an ideal meal in the midst of an economy that isn't

Digging It

For the archaeologists of Weaver & Associates, it's not what you find; it's what you find <i>out</i>.

Fortunate Find

One of Midtown's best restaurants—hiding in plain sight.

Ask Vance

Our trivial expert solvs local mysteries of who, what, when, where, why, and why not.
Life at the Lemon

Memphis Magnetism

Jake Rabinbach made his way to Memphis to make his way into the music world.

Frankly, At Forty

Advice you can live on. At least for 40 years.

Tiffaney Boldt

Cafe Society's bar manager Tiffaney Boldt has seen pretty much everything in the restaurant business.

By the Numbers

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