Making a List, And Checking it Twice

52 things to do in Memphis, one for every week of the year.

photograph by Jonathan Postal

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photography by

Brian Anderson, Brandon Dill, Jackie Ellison, Jonathan Postal, Larry Kuzniewski, Amie Vanderford, & Andrea Zucker


I can’t believe you’ve lived in Memphis all these years and you haven’t ____________.” Now here’s where you can fill in the blank. It’s been said that more tourists from London have journeyed all the way to Graceland than visitors from Memphis. We can’t say if that’s still true, but there’s little doubt that our city boasts enjoyable — and unique — attractions and events that far too many of us ignore. So here we present you with our own Memphis magazine “bucket list” of things to see and do around town, a list which we feel should be part of anyone’s experience while they live in the Bluff City. And we’ve cut off the list at 52, so you can do just one a week for a year — plenty of time, we say. So, c’mon, give them a try.

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Try to catch a set at B.B. King’s on those all-too-rare occasions when the “Blues Boy” himself is in town — and on stage.



Hop aboard the Main Street Trolley, and be sure to take the Riverside Loop. It’s not the fastest thing in the world, but the views make it worth the ride.



When’s the last time you wandered around the tranquil lake, or explored the wooded trails at Lichterman Nature Center? That long, huh? Well, pry yourself off the couch and do it now.



When — not if, but when — you visit the Memphis Pink Palace Museum, find that display showing Civil War battlefield surgery, and see if it creeps you out the same as it did the first time you saw it.



Explore the Old Forest trails in Overton Park, and try to find a tulip poplar tree (most of the species are marked). Why? It’s only our state tree, for gosh sakes.



Try to take the best photo you can of the whirling Sputnik Star sign at Joe’s Liquors. It’s not as easy as you think. (note: Though it’s readily available nearby, alcohol will not improve your photo-taking abilities.)



Take in a Sunday afternoon concert on the grounds of the Old Millington Winery. Be sure to sip a glass of their Crying Angel Red (see “Ask Vance” on page 98 of this issue) to make the experience complete.



Play tourist and enjoy the Duck March at The Peabody. Afterwards, catch an elevator to the rooftop, where you can visit the duck “palace” and admire a stunning 360-degree view of the city.



Pretend you’re a millionaire and can buy any painting or sculpture you like. Visit Memphis Brooks Museum of Art, The Dixon Gallery and Gardens, and other galleries around town, and study the works of art carefully because you can only buy one. It will really give you a new perspective on the sheer amount of wonderful art on view here.



Say hello to Hebe. You simply have no excuse not to visit Court Square, a lovely oasis in the heart of downtown, and admire one of the most beautiful fountains anywhere.


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