C'est Magnifique!

The Peabody's Chez Philippe rediscovers classical French cuisine

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Pam’s Pics 

Top Three to Try


Seared Ahi & French Couscous

Crusted with pumpkin seeds and seared only on the edges, the Ahi tuna updates humble couscous with pistachios, dried currants, and an adorable (and edible) spoon filled with Lingonberry vinaigrette.


Chocolat a’la Bavaroise

Who knew a Lego brick could inspire such artistry? So goes the story behind this lacquered stack of Bavarian cream plated with gold leaf, painted petals, and an eight-prong fork of molded white chocolate.


French Onion Soup

Don’t be confused by the Camembert pillow served alongside the French onion soup. Just plop it on top and voila: a luscious marriage of sweet onions and melted cheese with a perfect puff pastry.


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