December 2006

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In This Issue

Shrimp and Tabasco Cheese Grits

John Currence, owner and chef of Oxford's City Grocery, offers one of his most popular dishes -- complete with a spicy kick to warm things up this winter.

Loveable Lulu

Delightful desserts aren't the only dray at this East Memphis institution.

By the Numbers

Fiction Winner: Bird Life

Two sisters launch a lively search for the ivory-billed woodpecker. Not in old-growth forest, but a Millington backyard.

A Most Jolly Old Elf

Still going strong as the St. Jude Santa, Joe Farris is a legend in his time.

Black Moses 2.0

Gone are the days of Shaft and Chef. Meet the new Isaac.

Christmas Trees: Real vs. Artificial

Down to a Science

Smart bedding choices can lead to sweet dreams.



Letters to the Editor

Holiday Hell

Sharing the Wealth

It's time for "magical thinking" on a regional scale.

Staff Pick: A Confederacy of Dunces

Shelf Life

Free and Clear

The ins and outs of fined wine.

Q&A: Steve Ehrhart

Net Profits

Tracking Salaries in the NBA

Daddy Duty

Workshop reaches out to befuddled fathers.

The Return of the Spanish Lady? (pt II)

The 1918 flu pandemic was one of the greatest killers in history, Is there a chance the bird flu could be just as deadly?

Blade Runner

A cutting-edge treatment can bring back your skin's youthful glow.

Ghosts of Christmas Past

Editor's Letter


Local label Inside Sounds gives us the blues. And we don't mind a bit.

Curious About Kellastone

Royal Pains

In Richard Bausch's latest novel, forget Y2K. There's trouble enough in Point Royal.
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