Behind the Scenes of the September Fashion Shoot

It was a really hot and sticky day in August when we shot the September fashion story. I mean, it was OMG hot ... or as I like to say, ADM (Ay Dios Mio) hot. Thankfully, we were in a super mod home in Harbor Town with sweeping views of the River, architectural eye candy throughout and, most importantly, air conditioning. The crew that day was made up of Larry Kuzniewski, Brian Groppe, Ramera Franklin, Lucy Hadskey, Matt Gossett, and Sara Harrison with her mini me, Ella. It’s relevant to note that Ella is, as a pre-schooler, a fashion icon already and was dressed just like Karl Lagerfeld. 

The magazine issue is dedicated to Harbor Town’s history and growth so it was fitting we shot in a unique private home on The Island. We showed looks that transition from sweltering Summer to cooler Fall all the while mixing a few elements from both seasons and working with a top-notch model who made EVERYTHING look really, really pretty. Have you ever been in a training pen with a gazelle? I haven't either but working with statuesque Ramera makes me think of that. She Is Flawless. And Super Tall. And Elegantly Thin. And nice. We were all enamored with her — and how could you not be? She is So Pretty that you can’t help but stare at her ... which is what we were all kinda doing. But before things got weird, Matt would say something hilarious and we’d all just laugh like it’s normal to stop everything and stare at beautiful creatures like Ramera and call it "work". 

We had lots of great outfits pulled for the shoot that day as retailers were bringing out their first shipments for the coolest Fall clothes. So naturally, me and Sara were playing dress-up whenever we got a chance. I ended up buying a pair of chic joggers from Crazy Beautiful in Overton Square that did not make the layout but made it into my closet — I’ll wear them with my platform suede Prada ankle boots and my super-snug Wolford turtleneck. During the shoot, we all snacked on almonds, strawberries, and trail mix and listened to The Beatles and Billy Joel. And tried on tons of clothes. 

Hopefully, the shoot will encourage readers to mix up their wardrobes a little during this transition of temperatures. Wear a wool or felt hat with a sundress and shawl or your summer crop denim jeans with boots and a jacket. Fashion should be fun and working our shoots is exactly that.

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